Giving Back

The Kryptonite Wrestling Klub has always and will always place an emphasis on giving back to it's community or to those in need. This coaching staff not only donates their time to this team but leads the way in giving back to its community. KWK and the North Wrestling Family place an emphasis on the idea that helping others is always the right thing to do. Check out the events KWK has donated their time and efforts to recently.

North Loves Its Veteran's.jpg

North Loves its Veterans

KWK has teamed up with it's local Veteran's Agent and Dyer-Lake Funeral Home to create Valentine's for Veterans. For the past two seasons KWK gives up a practice day to create 1 valentine for every veteran in North Attleborough! Their effort shows veterans that we not only have immense respect for their courage but that they are also loved! 

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St. Baldrick's Day

St. Baldrick's has donated over $234 million dollars since its inception as a foundation in 2005! They donate 72% of all funds directly to funding for children's cancer research, 25% to help promote and facilitate events like this one, and only 3% to its administration. Last year alone they donated $30 million directly to research. Their efforts even helped fund an FDA approved drug in 2015 and on top of directly funding research they fund fellowships to help oncologist specialize as pediatric oncologist!

In 2018 KWK raised over $5,700 as of Monday, August 27th and that number is expected to rise! If you would like to continue to help with our cause please use the "Join the Effort" link below to see their team page and donate, join, or volunteer!