The Kryptonite Wrestling Klub

About the Kryptonite Wrestling Klub

The Kryptonite Wrestling Klub (KWK) is one of the premiere Wrestling Clubs in Massachusetts led by, 2018 Chairman of the Massachusetts Wrestling Association, Program Director Brett Poirier and Head Coach Bob Spratt. Although KWK student/athletes can be from the surrounding areas the Kryptonite Klub is a part of what we consider the "North Wrestling Family," a bond created throughout our program that links the Men and Women who make up the North Attleborough High School wrestling team and our Kindergarten - 8th grade program.

The Kryptonite Klub is a Massachusetts Wrestling Association (MWA) member which is the governing body of youth wrestling in Massachusetts. It's main objective is to organize the youth teams in the state to create a competitive series for all members to compete from Kindergarten to 8th grade on a state wide level. KWK is also apart of the larger national organization, USA Wrestling, which runs background checks on all of the coaches, supplies resources for the improvement of the organization, and covers insurance for both the club and each individual member. USA Wrestling also offers national competitions and further training for olympic competition and helps support USA Wrestling Olympic Team members.

KWK believes in not only the development of your athletes through a strong and well developed program but also in the development of its coaches who volunteer their time for your student/athletes. Program Director Brett Poirier was elected Chairman of the 2018 MYWA Board of Directors, he is a Bronze Certified Coach through USA Wrestling, and is both an Accredited and a Certified Coach under the National Federation of High Schools. His expertise and beliefs is not just in the development of this program and it's students/athletes as wrestlers but in the greater picture, to develop boys and girls to young men and women through the sport of wrestling. KWK is firm in its belief that no other sport helps develop life lessons and skills better than wrestling.

For more information about this team, its coaches or how to get involved email Program Director Brett Poirier at: